Harmony Children Creativity Workshop

Tuning into Joyful Living

The Harmony Children's Program, crafted for children and youth at the ages of 7 to 12 years old, provides a platform to nurture young people's creativity, musical and artistic talents, mindfulness, and a wholesome lifestyle that lays a strong foundation for their future. 

6/16 - 6/30/2024

One-week and two-week programs available. 8:30am - 3pm, Monday to Friday. Sibling discounts offered!

Dr. Larry Lee Hansel

Music, theatre, and Puppetry 

Dr. Larry Hensel is a creative tour de force and wildly inventive storyteller who blends the arts of

singing, directing, writing, puppetry, and movement, into theatrical and musical works of intrigue

and humor.

As an educator, Hensel draws upon his Eastman pedigree, twenty-five years of teaching experience and his skills as a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique to equip developing singers, actors, dancers, and puppeteers to thrive in the complex arts of singing, acting and movement, and the imaginative world of storytelling.

As a Director, his pedagogical fervor for training young artists in collaborative decision-making and

strategies for a heightened sense of physical and mental awareness has led to mainstage operatic

productions that span the history of the genre and have been met with critical acclaim. Hensel shares his enthusiasm and expertise for Alexander Technique in workshops and clinics throughout the US.

Yidan Wang  

Core Teacher

Ms. Yidan is a dynamic and passionate educator with a rich background in international teaching. With nearly two decades of experience spanning across acclaimed international schools in New Zealand, Paris, the U.S., and Shanghai, she brings with her a global perspective in teaching. She weaves in song-writing, poetry, art, story-telling, and mindfulness into her pedagogy, and creates a vibrant learning environment that nurtures her students' holistic development. Outside the classroom, Ms. Yidan extends her passion for music by creating children's picture books interwined with songs and music. She earned her Master in Teaching from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. 

Daily Curriculum

Bring a Puppet to Life

Become puppet builders and storytellers as you work together to create wonderful characters and exciting tales. It's all about teamwork, creativity, and fun as you bring your imagination to life on stage!

Well-Being Wonders

Journey into a week of musical exploration that not only tunes into melodies but also nurtures the well-being of the students through Taiji and mindfulness practices promoting relaxation and self-awareness.

Mindful Melodies

Engage in the magical world of music with a focus on mindfulness, where students learn to appreciate the beauty of each note and discover the serenity that comes from creating and experiencing mindful melodies.

Cooking Beats

Embark on a global musical voyage as they explore the melodies of musicians from various countries. During cooking Beats, the students will explore the culinary wonders of each nation, creating a harmonious fusion of diverse sounds and flavors.

Artful Encounters

Explore the fascinating intersection of visual arts and music, allowing the students to express themselves through vibrant creations inspired by the diverse and captivating sounds around them.

Rhythmic Moves

Get ready to dance and sway to the rhythm! The students will discover the joy of movement, exploring how music and dance intertwine to create a lively and energetic experience.

Narratives Through Music (Storytelling/Poetry writing)

Unleash the storyteller within as the students embark on a musical journey of storytelling and poetry writing, discovering how melodies can become the backdrop to their imaginative narratives and poetic expressions.

Musicians of Tomorrow (Small Group Music Lessons)

Small group music lessons with the our world-class artist faculty

Curriculum Design Credit: Yidan Wang (Daily Curriculum), Larry Lee Hansel (Puppetry; Theatre) and the One Heart Institute team

Program Fee

One Week:

1 Child Rate: $450 

Sibling Rate: $225/additional child

Two Weeks: 

1 Child Rate: $690

Sibling Rate: $345/additional child

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