Voice Class

Join us on this enriching musical journey! Whether your goal is to perform on stage, collaborate with fellow musicians, or simply enjoy the beauty of singing, this class will empower you to explore all facets of your singing abilities.

Two tracks of voice classes will be offered throughout the program to accommodate singers of all levels and with different schedules. 

Track 1: Voice Class for Musicians and Artists

"Voice Class for Musicians and Artists" is a comprehensive class tailored specifically for musicians and artists seeking to enhance their vocal abilities and comfort in various singing settings. 

Whether you are a seasoned instrumentalist, conductor, composer, or anyone working in an artistic field, this course offers a structured and exploratory approach to singing. 

In this class, we will delve into the fundamental techniques and principles of singing. Our focus will be on cultivating a solid vocal foundation that enables you to sing with confidence and expression. 

This class is ideal for musicians and artists at all levels who are eager to explore their vocal technique, expand their musical horizons, and feel more comfortable and assured when singing.

Track 2: Daily 2-hour Singing Incentive

Discover the joy of song and self-care with our Daily 2-hour Singing Incentive program! Dive into a fulfilling routine that combines wellness practices, enriching voice classes, and a delectable vegan dinner. In each session, embrace soothing wellness activities designed to nourish your body and spirit. Then, under the guidance of Dr. Larry Lee, explore the depths of your voice and unlock its full potential through engaging voice classes. Finally, enjoy a delicious vegan dinner, crafted to nourish your body. Join us for a transformative experience where music, well-being, and delicious food harmonize beautifully!

Through a series of engaging lessons and interactive exercises, we will explore:

A primer in understanding the basics of the breathing mechanism. We will also employ Experience Learnings for proper breath management techniques essential for sustaining notes and phrases in singing. 

Discover a range of vocal warm-ups and exercises designed to work on basic technique, expand your vocal range, and   improve tonal quality. 

Enhance your clarity and precision in singing by focusing on vowel formation, and consonant pronunciation.

Explore the emotive aspects of music and develop your interpretative skills to convey meaning and emotional connections. And we will incorporate Experience Learnings in movement and sound. 

Begin to build confidence in your vocal abilities through performance opportunities within the supportive class environment. 

This can incorporate a wide range of repertoire from classical, musical theatre, folk, or easy pop. (Sorry, no rock or heavy metal!) Repertoire can be obtained from a variety of websites that offer music in the public domain, or for a nominal fee, can be downloaded. You will have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from the instructor and peers, fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented atmosphere.

Private Voice Lessons will be available on a limited basis.

Meet the Faculty 

Dr. Larry Lee Hansel

Professor of Music Emeritus

University of Wyoming

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Vocal Performance, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York

Co-Author, Caring for the Whole Musician, Routledge Press, 2022

On Alexander Technique

Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Alexander Contemporary School, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Certified Teacher Member

Alexander Technique International (2007 to current date)


As an educator, Hensel draws upon his Eastman pedigree (D.M.A. and M.M. in Vocal Performance and Literature), twenty-five years of teaching experience and his skills as a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique to equip developing singers, actors, dancers, and puppeteers to thrive in the complex arts of singing, acting and movement, and the imaginative world of storytelling. 

His burgeoning passion for puppet construction and performance led to his acceptance for three consecutive summers at the esteemed Eugene O’Neill Puppetry Conference." Hensel is currently constructing puppets for his company, “Opera in a Gym,”—a touring operatic outreach ensemble for young audiences.

As a Director, his pedagogical fervor for training young artists in collaborative decision-making and strategies for a heightened sense of physical and mental awareness has led to mainstage operatic productions that span the history of the genre and have been met with critical acclaim. Hensel shares his enthusiasm and expertise for Alexander Technique in workshops and clinics throughout the US.


. . . “In the master class, Larry spent time going through the structures and movement of breathing, in a way that was easily understandable and engaging. When Dr. Hensel began to put educated “Alexander Hands” on the pianists and the singers (especially dealing with the ribs) – their performance took on another quality that was easy, natural, and distinctive. Once certain patterns of tension were identified, Larry helped the student with awareness strategies that would help them perform with ease and efficiency.”

-- Dr. Grant Wenaus, Artistic Collaborator, Principal Coach and Assistant Conductor, Glimmerglass Opera Festival, Assistant Conductor and Pianist, Sarasota Opera

“I am happy to add my endorsement Dr. Larry Hensel’s Alexander Technique classes and instruction. I have studied Alexander at various times during my career with a number of instructors, and I enthusiastically rank Dr. Hensel among the best. I have taken his course at the University of Wyoming and had numerous individual sessions with him. Both were of the greatest benefit for me. As a fellow musician, he completely ‘gets’ what it is we do and what we need!”

-- James Przygocki, Professor of Viola; Director, UW String Project, University of Wyoming

Program Fees & Learn More


1-week Programs: $1500 | Educator or Group Rate*: $1100/person

2-week Programs: $3000| Educator or Group Rate*: $2200/person

Residential rates include tuition for all program offerings, a single occupancy room, three nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals everyday during your time here.

Non-residential (full time)

1-week Programs: $1000| Educator or Group Rate*: $750/person

2-week Programs: $2000 | | Educator or Group Rate*: $1500/person

Full time non-residential rates include tuition for all program offerings, three nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals everyday during your time here.

*Group rate applies to a group of 2+ people. 

Non-residential (part time)

5-day package: $500

This rate includes tuition for program offering from 7am - 2:30pm, and two nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals (breakfast and lunch) for 5 days.

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