Taiji for Musicians

As musicians, it is not uncommon for us to feel physically and mentally challenging during practices and performances. Yet when executed with balance and clarity, we can be at ease in music playing. In the midst of movement and stillness, how can we find the center outwardly and inwardly? When we are centered, the relationship with others, take the example of a musical instrument, will become more friendly and mutually beneficial. Harmony is therefore naturally


In this workshop, we will begin by practicing a set of preparatory exercises for the purpose of warming up, followed by the exploration of several formats of Taiji movements. You can have your instruments at hand, in case you want to see for yourself whether it is effective or not in dealing with practical issues.

-- Wenbo Yin, DMA

One Heart Institute Co-Artistic Advisor

Taiji for Harmony and Balance 

We will begin each session with gentle stretching exercises to increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and prevent injury. These stretches will be tailored to complement Taiji movements and enhance overall body awareness.

We will cultivate inner stillness, focus, and mental clarity through the practice of standing meditation. Students will learn to maintain proper posture, breath control, and body alignment to develop internal energy and improve overall health.

We will discover the beauty and grace of Taiji through a simplified version of the traditional Taiji set. Students will be guided step-by-step through each movement, with special emphasis on maintaining proper alignment, coordination, and flow. They will also learn the underlying principles that govern each movement and how they relate to the harmony and balance of Yin and Yang.