With a clear focus on cultivating a community of musicians driven by wholesome intentions, creativity, and sensibility, who in turn, will make the world a better place through their music, the One Heart Institute creates a supportive space for these individuals to practice, grow, and inquire together. At the One Heart Institute, we take an integrated approach by uniting professional music programs with contemplative and wellness practices to support musicians professional, physical, and holistic wellbeing. 

Your contributions enable us to offer programs and resources that empower musicians of all levels and at different ages to reach their full potential and to thrive both personally and professionally. With your support, we can expand our workshops, performances, conferences, and immersion programs, benefiting a wider range of audience with diverse backgrounds. Together, we can nurture a culture of creativity, wellness, and meaningful expression through the transformative power of music. 

Join us in fostering harmony and inner transformation! The One Heart Institute is a California public benefit non-profit.

How to Give


One Heart Institute


Talmage, CA 95481

Check payable to One Heart Institute


Wire Transfer

Please contact info@oneheartinstitute.org or call 707-376-8731 for wire instructions.

In-Kind Giving

Make an in-kind gift of music instruments, sheet music, or books. Volunteer your time or expertise to support various organizational development needs. Please email info@oneheartinstitute.org or call 707-376-8731, our staff member will assist you.